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there was a monarch butterfly outside with a torn wing and i thought it was dead so i went to pick it up off the ground with a flower but it began to hurriedly clutch onto it trying to drink something. it was totally trembling; it had a gash on it’s body and i knew it was dying but i couldn’t bring myself to kill it, so i googled a monarch’s favourite food and it ended up being mandarins. he literally devoured as much as he could before dying and i buried him outside my window.

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I don’t agree with this at all. Pretty sure everyone’s ambitions change sometime after fourth grade. Besides, math in fourth grade is nothing like math in 8th grade which is nothing like math in 12th grade which is nothing like math in college. And engineering is not just about math. Jeez. I was always told not to handle drills because that shit is dangerous and I don’t want to. But I’m still majoring in engineering. Most women don’t have interest in engineering. It’s as simple as that.

I agree with both here. While this points out more that girls are told to fit into a “girl” sort of shape, I do feel that maths and sciences are made out to be more intimidating for girls, seen both as less women have careers in engineering but as children, girls do face images like that of the drill with the brother or the two before. Growing up I was always around my father who is a mechanic, who taught me to use power tools and to dig my heels in the dirt without a thought to complete projects. But the thing is, my brother is an engineer and while the thought of having a degree in a science really intrigues me, something about maths and sciences became intimidating and unwelcome for me after elementary school. 

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Jenga Cat - Video


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Had this cutie at work tonight. He just learned how to pick up his ears 😍

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If you listen to the end of tangled…. Rapunzel and Eugene didnt get married until several years later 

same with Aladdin and jasmine!

And Belle was trapped in that castle for months with Beast; I’m pretty sure at least a year.

Also Tiana and her prince were together as frogs for an indeterminate length of time before they married. 

Tumblr gets schooled by the Disney fandom

Also let’s not forget Aurora was betrothed (which uhh, was a thing and some places still is).

Cinderella had to be locked in her home away from her prince whilst she knew he was looking for her. 

I love how no one is trying to defend Ariel and Snow.

When Ariel was permanently turned back into a human by her father, we don’t know how much time passed between that day and their wedding.

Snow was under the sleeping curse for at least half a year. Remember the lovely commentary animated films used to do? At the end of the film, it states, “The Prince, who had searched far and wide, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin.” Additionally, it shows changes in season.
And finally we don’t even see a marriage between The Prince and Snow.

I love this fandom


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i was waiting for my snack wrap but everything changed when the fire nation attacked 

this looks like something out of a freaking sims game
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i was waiting for my snack wrap but everything changed when the fire nation attacked 

this looks like something out of a freaking sims game

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